2. Almost left behind…

  3. I “made” this for/at Brighton Show. Someone left a half-eaten pie next to it at the private view. Waste of a pie but it went well with the composition.

  7. Found a dead seagull the other week.

  8. brightonshow:

    We finished our degrees on Friday. It was a good excuse for quick gif portrait before we hit the pub to celebrate!

    Made these gifs of my coursemates. They are the best people.

    (Source: brighton-show)

  9. A film about stuff. I made it for my university exam project.

    Thanks to TomDani & Maddy – you were great.

    N.B. The sound is quite soft so please watch somewhere quiet or with headphones!

  11. Like the carrier bag video, but with EPE packing foam instead.

    (Source: stuffnotthings)

  12. More from this.

  13. Blue Plastic Bag

    Filmed in real time with ambient sound from the studio left in the background.

  14. Warp stabilised cherry blossom.

  15. Temporary workspace at uni.