3. Almost left behind…

  4. I “made” this for/at Brighton Show. Someone left a half-eaten pie next to it at the private view. Waste of a pie but it went well with the composition.

  8. Found a dead seagull the other week.

  9. brightonshow:

    We finished our degrees on Friday. It was a good excuse for quick gif portrait before we hit the pub to celebrate!

    Made these gifs of my coursemates. They are the best people.

    (Source: brighton-show)

  10. A film about stuff. I made it for my university exam project.

    Thanks to TomDani & Maddy – you were great.

    (The sound is quite soft so please watch somewhere quiet or with headphones!)

  12. Like the carrier bag video, but with EPE packing foam instead.

    (Source: stuffnotthings)

  13. More from this.

  14. Blue Plastic Bag

    Filmed in real time with ambient sound from the studio left in the background.

  15. Warp stabilised cherry blossom.